food galore

Its near the end of reading week; an i feel that doomsday is coming really soon :/ I am seriously BORED of studying every single semester – it’s really a pain. I wish that school and exams dont have to come together. Anyways i spent the whole of yesterday just being FREE of work.

Went to church for good friday service – which is one of the longest service every year due to the seven prayer slots plus hymns etc. Heres baby clare! She is simply adorable.

After service, i met up with dre to head to bugis just to buy the “ke kou wei” chicken!(: somehow i’m always craving for this! Head to dre’s house, grab the car and head back to my house; met up with my family to go to the cemetry for “tomb sweeping” – my mum have been wanting to visit my grandfather’s tomb for pretty long, and we brought gizmo along!

This boy, IS TOO UNHEALTHY! he just gets so lazy and tired after like walking for 2 mins.

hence, he has to be carried

After sending this little fatty boy home, we head over to GEYLANG LORONG 7 for the AWESOME DIM SUM!(: It’s really good i assure you, especially the tasty chilli sauce that is not exactly spicy, but rather adds alot of flavour to your dim sum!

1. century egg porridge – MUST TRY!

2. Longan – sea coconut drink – really good too!

3. Chee chiong fan (ok i do not know how to spell it!) – Char siew and prawn

4. Chicken feet – personally i dont like chicken feet because generally i dont like to eat food that will remind me of the animal like fish head, feets etc; but my family loved this so much they ordered 3 of it!

5. pork ribs – i got nothing to say about this cos i didnt even try it and it DISAPPEARED!

6. This thing below is really TASTY – but i have no idea what it is called, except that there is pork and yam inside!

7. Prawn wrapped in fried beancurd skin – one of my favourite along with the steam version!

8. Xiao Xiao rou bao (mini pork bun) – i prefer the char siew bun more than this

9. I honestly have no idea what noodle this is; but i dint quite like it.

Happy people eating happy food!



Sis and bro-in-law!

Unglam pictures to the max – apparently andre was trying to teach me how to smile properly (because he claims i cant) but we kidda failed quite badly

& after dinner, we went to satisfy MY BIGGES craving of all time:


Mummy-kins waiting for the mighty durians to arrive

All thats all for yesterday, before we headed home to watch GG & GLEE and head over to powerhouse for Mike Gee’s brithday celebrations!

bye world – time to drown myself in notes AGAIN


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