curls and mess

From MESSY, BIG fluffy hair to straight and rebonded hair to my current, uhm still very messy and untamed hair. zzz sometimes it just pisses me off so badly – my mum has been naggy at me for AGES to cut my hair, but i’ve grown so attached to it (weird haha) that when i tie up my hair, i feel insecure man!

Heres a picture of my horribly messy hair and i hate my fringe cos they always open up like a curtain or whatever nonsense.

& once more, my highly messy and untame-able hair! goshhhh but i’m glad someone introduced the essential ultra honey and shea butter hair mask to me!

(sorry i am really now to take photos and upload it here, so i just took it off the web – credits to google images!)

Anyways back to the main point: due to my highly dry and frizzy hair, i have tried MANY MANY products that claim to be good and helpful in the taming anf moisturizing of dry and tangled hair; but none of them really show visible results. But honestly, this essential product is really good. It doesnt cost that much – though i cant remember exactly how much it is but definitely below $15. After using the product, you can immediately feel the change in texture and smooth-ness of your hair(: woohoo! all hail essential!

On a crazier note, i’m planning to perm/curl my hair after exams next week, hoping that it will help tame my messy natural curls. Been looking at some images of curly/permed hair and maybe i should try something like this:

LOL – i’m just kidding. i think my bf will force me to cut my hair if i do that.

Or how about some small little curls like that of taylor swift?

OR this?

Actually i personally prefer soft and LARGE curls like that:

Somehow i LOVE MILEY CYRUS’s hair, especially the one in the music video of “party in the USA” . LOVE IT.

enough dreaming and thinking of after exam plans but now i need to get back to studying for my first paper on wed):

and waiting for andre to come over so i can have my dinner): hungrrrry


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