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It’s friday! (& no i am so not singing that rebecca black’s song) goodness gracious me. The past two days been “unproductive” for me; been out of the house more than studying and stuffing words into my head. Oh well, but i’ll try my very best to make up for it!

Went over to dre’s place to study yesterday, while he entertained himself with “chuck” & other TV series. good life for a good boy! Waited all the way till about 6ish before his mum came home and thank God for his blessings that she brought home some dinner with her, otherwise we’d be starving in service later that night!

Time to head to my church for maundy thursday service! Was on ushering duty, but when we reached at 650ish, everything was already nicely set up -.-” I’m really thankful for everything God has blessed me with, though i admit that i’ always complaining and saying that i’m unhappy with many things – the truth is, when i really search deep, there is nothing to complain about. I have a great family, friends and an awesome boyfriend, who love me very much! (:

Heres a photo of my small tiny, cosy church which just went through a  makeover about a year back! Now it’s woody and somewhat country-ish!

Some of the youths along with my boyf, head over to serene centre for “supper” at MACS and ISLAND CREAMERY! It’s quite weird at times to go to your workplace when you are not actually working – but i totally miss the ice cream! Miss those days when i work every other day, and get “endless” supply of ice cream, whenever and whatever i want (JUST ice cream though) but good enough!

heres a picture with miss loh aimin, who loves tortises (hence her nickname is wuguii)

& heres a picture of andre!(:

& some of the girls from youth

I have LOTS more photos to post about today – maybe i shall do it tmr or later if i’m not lazy (:


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