The not-so-exciting profile

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Priscilla or Prisstan.
Lived for 22 years.

There is nothing much special about me – just like most other girls, i enjoy shopping – buying things i don’t need and sometimes, things i already have in excess. I love dressing up and risk being over-dressed when i go to certain places. Just like most other girls, i like watching (dumb – according to my boyfriend) shows like ANTM, TVD, 90210; and suddenly just some two weeks ago, i was HIT HARD by the korean wave, that now i am CRAZY over BIGBANG (although i have been following shows like Running Man & Family Outing for awhile now).

I LOVE photography & i would say that it is my sole passion – i enjoy capturing moments that i believe are valuable and are beautiful to look back at in the future. & i ADORE traveling – spending 8 months in Europe (for exchange) was the best times i ever had in my life (not that it’s very long). & i cant wait to jump on a plane and fly somewhere soon.

I am studying geography as an undergraduate now. Many would exclaim “WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU STUDYING ABOUT ROCKS AND MOUNTAINS?!”
& here i wanna say that GEOGRAPHY IS NOT JUST ABOUT THAT.
I am personally interested in cultural and social geography and my final year thesis is on the geography of dance!

signing off is the boring me,


follow me on twitter & instagram (prisstan) 😀


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