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It’s been a super long time since i updated my blog, mainly because of some stupid&careless things that happened and i lost my laptop in Europe awhile back along with some precious photos and important stuff (moral of the story – NEVER EVER LEAVE YOUR THINGS UNATTENDED) although sometimes the nagging at train-stations&airports can get annoying BUT you will regret it if it ever happen to you.

It’s been a surreal three months since i came back from my 8 months holiday in Europe! HAVING POST-EXCHANGE SYNDROME.
Oh wells, those days are well over & i’ve had my time, but i cant wait for the next time i can travel this extensively again. I’ve officially covered 22 countries out of the 100-200 number of countries (i tried searching for the answer, but apparently, it cannot be quantified due to all the political etc. reasons.) I consider myself as super lucky to be able to travel this much in such a short period of time.

Anyways, recently since i started my exchange and all, I’ve been ADDICTED to INSTAGRAM! I never did post much photos when i am back home in Singapore (i try to nowadays at least) & here i wanna share some of my instagram photos (hope they are of standards!) I often DROOL over those beautifully lighted & lomo-ish photos and of course travel&fashion&food photos.
Some of my FAVOURITE instagrammers are: Thatsheart, Kosh_dp, natgeo, photogeekdom, playingwithcamera etc. etc. 

here are some of my instagram photos – travel, food, fashion, animals etc!

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Have a GREAT week ahead!
Hopefully more updates soon (about this great dinner i had at CUT, by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck at Marina Bay Sands, my Cambodia field studies trip & the recent loots i bought) – maybe after my exams.


Random post


This post is posted using my phone because they are photos from my iPhone, hence the quality may not be as good! Anyways, dre went for a haircut soon after we got back from Europe. He decided to try a new hair stylist who is more accessible, so we found this place in far east plaza, on level 5. I can’t remember the name of the place, but currently they are having a $15.90 promotion for cut, wash n style and they are located near the escalator section of fep; and they offer manicure services too! Great guy and skills; dre was extremely satisfied with his styling n I’m sure he will return there in the future!(:

After the Europe craze, I return to try some more new products, make up, hair etc and these are the ones I felt useful and deserves to be shared!


Essential damage and care moisturizer. I used it quite some time ago and I find it really good! I have also blogged about the hair mask some time ago; an they are both really nourishing for my dry and frizzy hair. (also featured in the July issue of Cleo)


Maybelline’s unstoppable and non smudge eyeliner. In the past, I used za’s pencil eyeliner before switching to M.A.C and now to this. I prefer to use the kind where I don’t have to sharpen and I dislike liquid eyeliner. Za’s one was pretty terrible – hard to draw, light colored n easily smudged. The MAC one was one of the best ($29.90); but I lost it in Rome): so I decided to try this maybelline’s eyeliner ($9.90) and it proves to be just as great, although it doesn’t stay on as long, it’s still a great eyeliner to own.


Also featured in Cleo is the Maybelline’s baby lips. I love the smell of the orange flavored ones and it’s pretty good in reducing the dryness and cracks of my lips.


Ever since I chopped off some of my hair the other time, I’ve been wanting to grow my hair faster; so I read up and researched on ways to grow it faster and some easier methods I tried was to use a shampoo with anti-dandruff uses as well as applying heat to your hair and prevent breakages to it. Amazingly, my hair is growing faster than the average rate of hair growth!




Top: cotton on, belt: love,bonito, skorts: H&M, necklace: Chanel, watch: Jowissa, bag: coach Madison

Going to see a doctor now): bye!