Tower Bridge of London

The Tower Bridge if one of the world’s most famous bridge.
It was the city’s first overpass linking London’s North with its South; and it was finished in the 1894 and took a staggering 432 construction workers eight years to complete.
Applauded as an impressive feat of engineering in its heyday, it is still one of London’s most famous landmarks.

Today, about 40,000 people cross the bridge on a daily basis and the bridge can be lifted for large ships to pass through occasionally. I believe many people do confuse the tower bridge with the london bridge, but they are two different features.

I realize that i have a HUGE backlog of photos to blog but yet i’m doing it at a snail-pace because of the “activities” i have recently (e.g. shopping like crazy just to catch the sales which ended yesterday, a trip to stratford and planning for upcoming trips to Scotland, Sweden and Dublin and the worst of all, is attempting to complete my tutorials, readings and get started on my assignments.)

It’s the second day of CNY, and things are quieter and lonelier than normal years,  but i’m glad i can Skype my bf and family more frequently and thank God i’m starting to get use to the life around here.

It’s amazing how God has blessed me with so much and also the littles of everyday life. The answered prayers and comfort God has given me since i arrived is just so heart-warming along with the new friends i have made in hall and classes who are from different parts of the world, and the freedom that i have in going to church on sundays, and meeting friendly familiar faces just gives me a touch of home and a sense of belonging in this busy and distant city.


Borough Market – food lover’s paradise

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A place where you can find amazing delicacies and Saturday is its busiest day (if you want to avoid the crowd, try to go before 11am or perhaps go on friday?) Anyways, Borough Market is London’s oldest food market, packed with stalls that sell produce and food products from all four corners of the world. This place is without a doubt a food lover’s paradise. Some things to try: toasted cheese sandwich as you can see from the above picture, brownies, pork loin steak with apple and cider brandy chutney.

The atmosphere there is great and it is extremely near the Tower Bridge (more pictures in my next post) and it is filled with delicacies from all over the world.

Located: Borough high Street, Southwark; Subway/tube: London Bridge, Borough; Opening Hours: Thursday 11am-5pm; Friday 12noon-6pm; Saturday 9am-4pm

just a little away from home.

It’s the time for reunions, steamboats, yummy goodies, ang baos, celebration etc etc – it is Chinese New Year. Technically, this is the VERY FIRST time i am away from home for CNY. The clock just strike 12am; and i am alone in my hostel room, waiting to Skype my mum and thinking about all the wonderful things i will and have missed this season.

I went down to Leicester Square yesterday and today – where the Chinatown of London can be found. Expectations were high but sadly i have to say i was disappointed. The atmosphere was not as amazing as imagined and pales in comparison with what we can experience back home. However, it was worth the trip – the sense of belonging and “warmth” was pretty satisfying. Although, the crowd wasn’t that all desirable.

Yesterday, Ian brought me to some Singapore society’s event – Chinese New Year Festival. It was pretty nice as i got to eat some of my comfort food like lu rou fan (minced pork with rice), yam paste, bubble tea etc and also witness the loh hei and apart from that i also bumped into a couple of friends whom i haven’t met for a long time. Other that, it was pretty lame because, there were only singaporeans.

Beginnings in London

ARRIVAL IN LONDON. The view from my room at the Astor College, UCL, which is located along Charlotte street in Central London. A very convenient place i must say – we have tons of Tescos and Sainsburys around us for our grocery shopping; it is a ten mins walk to campus; 15 mins walk to Oxford street and Euston; 20 mins to Leicester Square (Chinatown) and Camden Town and more importantly, about half an hour’s walk to PRIMARK (seriously, a shopping haven). NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM.  The fossil’s eye is the size of my HEAD!!! I’ve been in London for about 15 days now, and am just getting my ass down to post up all these outdated photos. It’s been full of ups and downs since i got here. Settling down haven’t been easy when i’m missing my bf and family and the warm weather (it’s freezing here – the temperatures dropped to -2 last weekend).

However, i thank God for the friends i have here in London – those whom London united me with and those who came here with me. These two weeks, much have been focused on preparing for school and settling all the modules and the administration as well coordinating with NUS and UCL – PRETTY SUCKY. but oh wells. I’m preparing for my upcoming trips now of which one is in two days!!! I’ll be heading to Straford Upon Avon (Shakespeare’s birthplace) for one night. All the exciting things are coming up, but i’m missing andre very badly.

P.S. the photos are copyrighted, so please do not rip them off my blog alright?(:

It’s the festive season again!

My favorite time of the year is back again! 

CHRISTMAS! – just the merry and happiness that is spreading around accompanied by all the gorgeous lights and decors, getting all excited! I do wish for a very white Christmas this season but decided to stay put in sunny singapore until after new year to spend time with my loved ones.

Just returned from a 6 days MSIA trip to Malacca, Genting and KL – awesome food and shopping! (think i must have gained quite a bit of weight) gonna blog about that soon, so stay tune for it!

Have yall all done your christmas shopping yet? Or too busy to run around the crowded orchard road and shopping malls to get your goodies? How about shopping online?

(credits to Jipaban)

Jipaban is offering 10% off all christmas gifts and they are sorted out into categories for easy access and targeted shoppings! They just have so so much to offer, so why wait! Hope over to

I’m officially leaving for London in 18 days and the packing is killing me, apart from that i’m feeling the sadness of leaving my bf and family for 8 months as well as all the asian and local food singapore has to offer. ): gawd i hope i survive!

Eat, Pray, Love

It’s NOVEMEBER. gawd how fast time flies – and yes i haven’t blogged for a long time due to the massive workload i have in school, but today i just finished the FINAL essay of 2011, so i’m highly delighted and decided to do a quick update on what has happened in the month of November (besides studying and essays)

ANYWAYS, first and foremost, i would like to announce that i have been formally accepted into UCL for SEP and my fellow NUS-UCL friends and i are going crazy with all the admins and documents required of us, but yet at the same time, it’s taking my ENTIRE mind OFF studying and exams.  BUT it’s definitely worth it.


This month started off with MANY birthday celebrations, mainly 21st birthdays and more importantly, my bf’s 21st birthday – honestly i love his birthday celebrations; quality time alone with different groups of people close to him (unlike my mash up and rojak birthday party)

WEDNESDAY: celebration with EUG/holiday INN/ZOUK/pissed drunk -.-‘’ (not cool)

FRIDAY: steamboat with army friends/apple strudel/tiramisu/alcohol/Club SOUL

SATURDAY: home cooked meal from ME to him (damn i can cook)/ Town/shopping/Michelangelo’s restaurant

Loving my new Love, Bonito Alexandria dress!

Look at the gorgeous sequins and gems! (sorry this photo does not do justice to the “bling-ness” of the gems) & my daisy ring from

 1. CAPESANTE a GAMBERI – A delightful pan-seared scallops topped with caviar served atop a bed of onion confit and garlic tiger prawns perched on sun-dried tomato pesto and lemon butter. (4/5 stars)
2. BEEF CARPACCIO – Thinly sliced tenderloin of beef sprinkled with truffle oil, arugula, salt and cracked black pepper topped with parmesan shavings (3/5 stars)
4. QUARANTAOTTO – Michelangelo’s signature dish! U.S.D.A. boneless beef short ribs braised for a minimum of 48 hours served in a sherry broth sided with delicately whipped potatoes scented with white truffle oil. (limited servings daily!) (3.5/5 stars)
5. AGNELLO di MICHELANGELO – Their famous char-grilled rack of lamb finished in the oven in its own juices served with a mint sauce sided with seasonal vegetables and truffled mash potatoes. (4/5 stars)

6.FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE CAKE – classic chocolate cake made with ground chocolate and almonds drizzled with raspberry coulis and vanilla gelato. (4/5 stars)

Absolutely love the outdoor dining of this restaurants and the personal attention given by the staff to us in making the birthday celebration a special one! (They even give us a birthday card with our picture printed on it – just like what Morton does) – SWEET. I would definitely recommend Michelangelo’s as a restaurant to go to for any special occasion or even just for a gorgeous and sumptuous meal! The prices are pretty reasonable for the quality of food you get and it’s just WORTH IT.

Michelangelo’s restaurant – 60 Jalan Merah Saga, Singapore 278124 (Tel: 64759069)

SUNDAY: Champagne Brunch at Ritz Carlton/Town (WILL BLOG MORE ABOUT THIS SOON –too awesome to not share it with you guys, but meanwhile, it’s 3am and my laptop is running like a snail..)

Loving my Love, Bonito Dennison dress in Burnt orange – they have just awesome dresses for so many different occasions!


WTH. whatever i just blogged for the last 20 mins just vanished cause of my lame IE. It’s been a long time since i’ve blogged aminly cause i was lazy, tired, frustrated with my slow laptop and internet. ALL HAIL TO NEW MACBOOK which will arrive at the end of the year just before i depart to the gorgeous LONDON. and meanwhile, i feel like there are so MANY things i want/need to buy. Just bought a couple of things from ASOS CAUSE OF THE FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING – GO and exploit it right now.

Guess who came for a home-stay a couple of weeks ago? – YES MY FAT CUTE FAVOURITE SHIH TZU – GIZMO. i love fat and fluffy dogs. #justsaying

Tonight is the F1 night race in singapore and what the heck, vettel is just so damn fast and furious. gonna own Alonso ): tsktsk. and SAD that we cant go down and soak in the atmosphere cos both dre and i have lame assignments (which i should be doing right now) and mid terms tmr. boo. #nusedu sucks, but i still love my school and major.

anyways, just wanna share with you guys this new (okay not new at all, just that i am really slow) social platform where YOU, can earn CASH when you share campaigns and causes on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, WORDPRESS, TUMBLR, YOUTUBE ETC ETC – sounds easy right, since we are all basicially glued to these social networks EVERYDAY; SO WHY NOT MAKE THE BEST OF IT?

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One of the reason why i was so slow in sharing this is because i took some time to check up on the realiabiliy and review of this social media sharing platform. AND YES IT’S TRUE.

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some campaigns include the macdonalds monopoly game, Olay 360 and MORE.