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It’s been a super long time since i updated my blog, mainly because of some stupid&careless things that happened and i lost my laptop in Europe awhile back along with some precious photos and important stuff (moral of the story – NEVER EVER LEAVE YOUR THINGS UNATTENDED) although sometimes the nagging at train-stations&airports can get annoying BUT you will regret it if it ever happen to you.

It’s been a surreal three months since i came back from my 8 months holiday in Europe! HAVING POST-EXCHANGE SYNDROME.
Oh wells, those days are well over & i’ve had my time, but i cant wait for the next time i can travel this extensively again. I’ve officially covered 22 countries out of the 100-200 number of countries (i tried searching for the answer, but apparently, it cannot be quantified due to all the political etc. reasons.) I consider myself as super lucky to be able to travel this much in such a short period of time.

Anyways, recently since i started my exchange and all, I’ve been ADDICTED to INSTAGRAM! I never did post much photos when i am back home in Singapore (i try to nowadays at least) & here i wanna share some of my instagram photos (hope they are of standards!) I often DROOL over those beautifully lighted & lomo-ish photos and of course travel&fashion&food photos.
Some of my FAVOURITE instagrammers are: Thatsheart, Kosh_dp, natgeo, photogeekdom, playingwithcamera etc. etc. 

here are some of my instagram photos – travel, food, fashion, animals etc!

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Have a GREAT week ahead!
Hopefully more updates soon (about this great dinner i had at CUT, by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck at Marina Bay Sands, my Cambodia field studies trip & the recent loots i bought) – maybe after my exams.


simple updates.

It’s finally time to blog again after a really long time and i am currently in the city of Innsbruck, Austria. I started on my one month journey to Paris and to Eastern Europe last thursday with my dear friend, Prisca. She came to visit me in London about a week and a half ago and it’s been awesome having her company; it almost feel like finally, i have a friend to talk to and someone by my side after being away from home for so long. Its a funny feeling leaving London for so long and knowing that i will be experiencing something i always wanted in life. It’s fighting and exciting all jumbled up inside of me. Heres an entry of my random significant moments in March up till now.



This ride known as The Sleath, is the fastest and BEST ride (one of the best there) It is so fast, that within ten seconds you are done with the ride.

On a crazy thursday some three weeks ago, four of us headed to the much loved and talked about Thorpe Park outside of central London. I LOVE THEME PARKS and this is extremely gorgeous because of the country-side and laid-back settings along with some American-kidda feel. it’s just beautifully exciting. The Park is surrounded by a lake and when you are on the rides, screaming your life away, your breath is taken away by the view too. (LOL, exaggerated, but it is true because half the time i aint even looking)


SAW, the ride. CRAZY 90 degrees vertical climb and concave drop.




SUPER cute Chowchow in oxford street!


Memories of the people who have made exchange so amazing thus far.


22nd Birthday at 'My Old Dutch' - because i have great friends(:


All things lovely - Portobello Market


Camden Town


Indeed, a quote i pray to live by - Camden town


Paris, from the top of Arc de Triomphe

Much have crossed my mind over the time i’ve been away – in a new environment, new lifestyle, new school, new friends, new mindset. Yet i truly praise God for giving met his opportunity to be here, for without all His blessings, i know that by my own strength i cannot possibly have made it this far. There have been times of struggles and tears, sometimes, it hurts to the bone, still there is a need to get over it and move on with life. Thank God for giving me people who have stood by me, protecting and caring for me every step of the way and i can’t wait to see them again!

Leaving the beautiful Innsbruck tomorrow for Salzburg! (: Till i feel less lazy, Au revoir!

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? [edited]


Fel and i took a 2 days 1 night trip down to Stratford-upon-Avon; which is also commonly known as the birthplace of William Shakespeare and is a place over-flowing with culture and history. It is just about a 2 hours train ride from London and a beautiful place set in the rural Warwickshire countryside.

Moving from place to place in this town is easily accessible either by walking or by cycling.   Accommodations are really easy to find, i would recommend Bed&Breakfast for those who prefer a cosy setting along with different experiences of the english culture. (The place which i stayed at is: ADIAN B&B, and the owners are amazing&friendly people; they treated us with hospitality and warmth as well as given us tons of tips on where to go and how to get there etc; i would definitely recommend this place to those who are thinking of visiting this lovely town!)

There are plenty of things to do here besides visiting the various houses belonging to William Shakespeare and people related to him, like his wife, Anne Hathaway; one should catch a play at the newly reopened RSC theatre, have a cup tea and amazing brownies at “Box Brownie”, or take a stroll along the riverside etc.

I shall end the post here because i am DEAD tired and i have to go to church tomorrow morning.. SO, i shall blog about the rest of stratford tomorrow instead! (gosh i am super hungry now because of my miserable salad dinner :/)



sights in greenwich

Last week, we took a spontaneous trip all the way down to Greenwich. The plan was to leave early in the morning and spend the entire day at the prime meridian observatory as well as other parts of this quiet and peaceful place (a complete change from central London!) However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we left REALLY LATE (thats pretty normal actually) & in the end, we MISSED the opening hours of the observatory by 15 mins ): BOOOOO. so we stood outside to “observe” the prime meridian line; after the nice “hike” across the beautiful park, we headed to gillian’s place at new cross for a wonderful home-cooked meal by the awesome gillian herself!(:

I shall let the photos speak now..


Gillian’s beautiful home(:

Coming up soon is the post on my trip to Stratford Upon Avon!(:

Portobello Market


Portobello Market has got to be one of my favorite place in London so far!
Portobello Market which is located in West London, is one of the most famous street markets in the world and it is an extremely enticing market to both locals and tourists alike. This market stretches through the heart of Notting Hill (nearest tube station: Nottinghill Gate) and can be distinctively classified into three sections – namely the antiques, food, vintage/second-hand apparels. I LOVE THE ATMOSPHERE. Although Portobello market is open on fridays, it is best to head down on a saturday morning around 10am, because the antique stalls are only available on saturdays and the crowd will start POURING in around 11am.

The market is REALLY long, stretching across about 2 miles and it’s CRAZY! The best thing to do is to reach early in the morning, talk a slow walk through the market, occasionally finding a nice cafe along Portobello road and enjoy an aromatic cup of coffee in the winter cold, before setting off again. It will take quite awhile to get from one end to the other due to the distance, MASSIVE amount of interesting things to see and not forgetting, the insane crowd. I absolutely LOVE this place and would definitely bring my friend and bf there when they arrive in march and may respectively.

strange and vintage.

Old Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane:
Located just a short walk away from both Liverpool Street and Aldgate East Stations is the Old spitalfields market. Here you can find a wide array of shops and restaurants as well as pop-up stalls in the middle of an empty space; having been there both on a weekday and a weekend, my advice to all who wants to visit this place is to go on a weekend where there is crowd because i believe that the atmosphere shapes one’s experience of a place, and without the crowd, it just felt strange like an empty town with empty shops selling stuff. Personally, i didn’t quite like this market, although i would say it is worth a trip down to take a look, but it is definitely not for people who are looking for bargains or for a good retail therapy, as most of the stalls sell similar items and they are pretty pricey for the quality (ranging from $15-$45ish) Other than that, the bakes there are pretty good! Do try the Coconut sq if you chance upon a stall at a corner of spitalfields market – IT IS AMAZING (as seen in my picture above)

Brick Lane, which is just about ten minutes walk from old spitalfields market, is definitely a “MUST-GO”. It is a colorful and vibrant street that bustles with East London life and is filled with the scent of different kinds of Bangladeshi delicacies and spices as well as many vintage and second-hand shops which is extremely enticing for even non-vintage junkies. Apart from that, the Old Truman Brewery’s indoor market houses many local artists and designers where occasionally you will be able to find pop-up makers and stalls for you to purchase handmade jewelry, customized clothing’s and other exciting secondhand and vintage stuff.I have bought a couple of items from some of the vintage stalls with prices ranging from $2 for a jumper and $5 for a dress, and they are good quality clothes and definitely worth the find.

Further down the lane, you can find London’s oldest and most popular bagel shop – Brick Lane Beigel Bake; where their fresh bagels are filled with succulent salt beef and mustard or classic smoke salmon and cream with a squeeze of lemon and spindling of pepper. Bagels in Brick Lane dates back all the way to the 1900s, making Brick Lane Beigel Bake an amazing and must try legend. They are open 24 hours a day and has become one of East London’s number one post-club and bar destinations for everyone.

It’s been nearly a month and strange enough, everyday i am writing a new chapter of my life here. The strangeness around me is starting to feel familiar and my feet are taking ground in this once strange and distant city. It is exactly 4 months till i see you again, my dearest! & i can’t wait for all the new places and things we will go and experience together. Yet, there is this longing for you to come quick, but i wish i don’t have to go back and leave this city that i have yet to fully comprehend.

Tower Bridge of London

The Tower Bridge if one of the world’s most famous bridge.
It was the city’s first overpass linking London’s North with its South; and it was finished in the 1894 and took a staggering 432 construction workers eight years to complete.
Applauded as an impressive feat of engineering in its heyday, it is still one of London’s most famous landmarks.

Today, about 40,000 people cross the bridge on a daily basis and the bridge can be lifted for large ships to pass through occasionally. I believe many people do confuse the tower bridge with the london bridge, but they are two different features.

I realize that i have a HUGE backlog of photos to blog but yet i’m doing it at a snail-pace because of the “activities” i have recently (e.g. shopping like crazy just to catch the sales which ended yesterday, a trip to stratford and planning for upcoming trips to Scotland, Sweden and Dublin and the worst of all, is attempting to complete my tutorials, readings and get started on my assignments.)

It’s the second day of CNY, and things are quieter and lonelier than normal years,  but i’m glad i can Skype my bf and family more frequently and thank God i’m starting to get use to the life around here.

It’s amazing how God has blessed me with so much and also the littles of everyday life. The answered prayers and comfort God has given me since i arrived is just so heart-warming along with the new friends i have made in hall and classes who are from different parts of the world, and the freedom that i have in going to church on sundays, and meeting friendly familiar faces just gives me a touch of home and a sense of belonging in this busy and distant city.