simple updates.

It’s finally time to blog again after a really long time and i am currently in the city of Innsbruck, Austria. I started on my one month journey to Paris and to Eastern Europe last thursday with my dear friend, Prisca. She came to visit me in London about a week and a half ago and it’s been awesome having her company; it almost feel like finally, i have a friend to talk to and someone by my side after being away from home for so long. Its a funny feeling leaving London for so long and knowing that i will be experiencing something i always wanted in life. It’s fighting and exciting all jumbled up inside of me. Heres an entry of my random significant moments in March up till now.



This ride known as The Sleath, is the fastest and BEST ride (one of the best there) It is so fast, that within ten seconds you are done with the ride.

On a crazy thursday some three weeks ago, four of us headed to the much loved and talked about Thorpe Park outside of central London. I LOVE THEME PARKS and this is extremely gorgeous because of the country-side and laid-back settings along with some American-kidda feel. it’s just beautifully exciting. The Park is surrounded by a lake and when you are on the rides, screaming your life away, your breath is taken away by the view too. (LOL, exaggerated, but it is true because half the time i aint even looking)


SAW, the ride. CRAZY 90 degrees vertical climb and concave drop.




SUPER cute Chowchow in oxford street!


Memories of the people who have made exchange so amazing thus far.


22nd Birthday at 'My Old Dutch' - because i have great friends(:


All things lovely - Portobello Market


Camden Town


Indeed, a quote i pray to live by - Camden town


Paris, from the top of Arc de Triomphe

Much have crossed my mind over the time i’ve been away – in a new environment, new lifestyle, new school, new friends, new mindset. Yet i truly praise God for giving met his opportunity to be here, for without all His blessings, i know that by my own strength i cannot possibly have made it this far. There have been times of struggles and tears, sometimes, it hurts to the bone, still there is a need to get over it and move on with life. Thank God for giving me people who have stood by me, protecting and caring for me every step of the way and i can’t wait to see them again!

Leaving the beautiful Innsbruck tomorrow for Salzburg! (: Till i feel less lazy, Au revoir!


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