strange and vintage.

Old Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane:
Located just a short walk away from both Liverpool Street and Aldgate East Stations is the Old spitalfields market. Here you can find a wide array of shops and restaurants as well as pop-up stalls in the middle of an empty space; having been there both on a weekday and a weekend, my advice to all who wants to visit this place is to go on a weekend where there is crowd because i believe that the atmosphere shapes one’s experience of a place, and without the crowd, it just felt strange like an empty town with empty shops selling stuff. Personally, i didn’t quite like this market, although i would say it is worth a trip down to take a look, but it is definitely not for people who are looking for bargains or for a good retail therapy, as most of the stalls sell similar items and they are pretty pricey for the quality (ranging from $15-$45ish) Other than that, the bakes there are pretty good! Do try the Coconut sq if you chance upon a stall at a corner of spitalfields market – IT IS AMAZING (as seen in my picture above)

Brick Lane, which is just about ten minutes walk from old spitalfields market, is definitely a “MUST-GO”. It is a colorful and vibrant street that bustles with East London life and is filled with the scent of different kinds of Bangladeshi delicacies and spices as well as many vintage and second-hand shops which is extremely enticing for even non-vintage junkies. Apart from that, the Old Truman Brewery’s indoor market houses many local artists and designers where occasionally you will be able to find pop-up makers and stalls for you to purchase handmade jewelry, customized clothing’s and other exciting secondhand and vintage stuff.I have bought a couple of items from some of the vintage stalls with prices ranging from $2 for a jumper and $5 for a dress, and they are good quality clothes and definitely worth the find.

Further down the lane, you can find London’s oldest and most popular bagel shop – Brick Lane Beigel Bake; where their fresh bagels are filled with succulent salt beef and mustard or classic smoke salmon and cream with a squeeze of lemon and spindling of pepper. Bagels in Brick Lane dates back all the way to the 1900s, making Brick Lane Beigel Bake an amazing and must try legend. They are open 24 hours a day and has become one of East London’s number one post-club and bar destinations for everyone.

It’s been nearly a month and strange enough, everyday i am writing a new chapter of my life here. The strangeness around me is starting to feel familiar and my feet are taking ground in this once strange and distant city. It is exactly 4 months till i see you again, my dearest! & i can’t wait for all the new places and things we will go and experience together. Yet, there is this longing for you to come quick, but i wish i don’t have to go back and leave this city that i have yet to fully comprehend.


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