Portobello Market


Portobello Market has got to be one of my favorite place in London so far!
Portobello Market which is located in West London, is one of the most famous street markets in the world and it is an extremely enticing market to both locals and tourists alike. This market stretches through the heart of Notting Hill (nearest tube station: Nottinghill Gate) and can be distinctively classified into three sections – namely the antiques, food, vintage/second-hand apparels. I LOVE THE ATMOSPHERE. Although Portobello market is open on fridays, it is best to head down on a saturday morning around 10am, because the antique stalls are only available on saturdays and the crowd will start POURING in around 11am.

The market is REALLY long, stretching across about 2 miles and it’s CRAZY! The best thing to do is to reach early in the morning, talk a slow walk through the market, occasionally finding a nice cafe along Portobello road and enjoy an aromatic cup of coffee in the winter cold, before setting off again. It will take quite awhile to get from one end to the other due to the distance, MASSIVE amount of interesting things to see and not forgetting, the insane crowd. I absolutely LOVE this place and would definitely bring my friend and bf there when they arrive in march and may respectively.



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