Tower Bridge of London

The Tower Bridge if one of the world’s most famous bridge.
It was the city’s first overpass linking London’s North with its South; and it was finished in the 1894 and took a staggering 432 construction workers eight years to complete.
Applauded as an impressive feat of engineering in its heyday, it is still one of London’s most famous landmarks.

Today, about 40,000 people cross the bridge on a daily basis and the bridge can be lifted for large ships to pass through occasionally. I believe many people do confuse the tower bridge with the london bridge, but they are two different features.

I realize that i have a HUGE backlog of photos to blog but yet i’m doing it at a snail-pace because of the “activities” i have recently (e.g. shopping like crazy just to catch the sales which ended yesterday, a trip to stratford and planning for upcoming trips to Scotland, Sweden and Dublin and the worst of all, is attempting to complete my tutorials, readings and get started on my assignments.)

It’s the second day of CNY, and things are quieter and lonelier than normal years,  but i’m glad i can Skype my bf and family more frequently and thank God i’m starting to get use to the life around here.

It’s amazing how God has blessed me with so much and also the littles of everyday life. The answered prayers and comfort God has given me since i arrived is just so heart-warming along with the new friends i have made in hall and classes who are from different parts of the world, and the freedom that i have in going to church on sundays, and meeting friendly familiar faces just gives me a touch of home and a sense of belonging in this busy and distant city.


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