just a little away from home.

It’s the time for reunions, steamboats, yummy goodies, ang baos, celebration etc etc – it is Chinese New Year. Technically, this is the VERY FIRST time i am away from home for CNY. The clock just strike 12am; and i am alone in my hostel room, waiting to Skype my mum and thinking about all the wonderful things i will and have missed this season.

I went down to Leicester Square yesterday and today – where the Chinatown of London can be found. Expectations were high but sadly i have to say i was disappointed. The atmosphere was not as amazing as imagined and pales in comparison with what we can experience back home. However, it was worth the trip – the sense of belonging and “warmth” was pretty satisfying. Although, the crowd wasn’t that all desirable.

Yesterday, Ian brought me to some Singapore society’s event – Chinese New Year Festival. It was pretty nice as i got to eat some of my comfort food like lu rou fan (minced pork with rice), yam paste, bubble tea etc and also witness the loh hei and apart from that i also bumped into a couple of friends whom i haven’t met for a long time. Other that, it was pretty lame because, there were only singaporeans.


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