Beginnings in London

ARRIVAL IN LONDON. The view from my room at the Astor College, UCL, which is located along Charlotte street in Central London. A very convenient place i must say – we have tons of Tescos and Sainsburys around us for our grocery shopping; it is a ten mins walk to campus; 15 mins walk to Oxford street and Euston; 20 mins to Leicester Square (Chinatown) and Camden Town and more importantly, about half an hour’s walk to PRIMARK (seriously, a shopping haven). NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM.  The fossil’s eye is the size of my HEAD!!! I’ve been in London for about 15 days now, and am just getting my ass down to post up all these outdated photos. It’s been full of ups and downs since i got here. Settling down haven’t been easy when i’m missing my bf and family and the warm weather (it’s freezing here – the temperatures dropped to -2 last weekend).

However, i thank God for the friends i have here in London – those whom London united me with and those who came here with me. These two weeks, much have been focused on preparing for school and settling all the modules and the administration as well coordinating with NUS and UCL – PRETTY SUCKY. but oh wells. I’m preparing for my upcoming trips now of which one is in two days!!! I’ll be heading to Straford Upon Avon (Shakespeare’s birthplace) for one night. All the exciting things are coming up, but i’m missing andre very badly.

P.S. the photos are copyrighted, so please do not rip them off my blog alright?(:


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