It’s the festive season again!

My favorite time of the year is back again! 

CHRISTMAS! – just the merry and happiness that is spreading around accompanied by all the gorgeous lights and decors, getting all excited! I do wish for a very white Christmas this season but decided to stay put in sunny singapore until after new year to spend time with my loved ones.

Just returned from a 6 days MSIA trip to Malacca, Genting and KL – awesome food and shopping! (think i must have gained quite a bit of weight) gonna blog about that soon, so stay tune for it!

Have yall all done your christmas shopping yet? Or too busy to run around the crowded orchard road and shopping malls to get your goodies? How about shopping online?

(credits to Jipaban)

Jipaban is offering 10% off all christmas gifts and they are sorted out into categories for easy access and targeted shoppings! They just have so so much to offer, so why wait! Hope over to

I’m officially leaving for London in 18 days and the packing is killing me, apart from that i’m feeling the sadness of leaving my bf and family for 8 months as well as all the asian and local food singapore has to offer. ): gawd i hope i survive!


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