travelogue – Paris day 2

The first half of day 2 in Paris was spent in the Lourve; the largest collection of art in the world. With over 35,000 works of art over 60,000 square meters, it would take nine months just to glance at every picture and art work; so be sure to do your research before your trip to the museum, just to ensure that you have time to visit the areas that interest you most. The Lourve consists of paintings and art work from many famous artists, such as Michelangelo, Raphael and Botticelli as well as the well-known portrait, the Mona Lisa. The Lourve is a temple to art and history, and i believe that every one who visits Paris should set aside some time to visit the Lourve, whether you have much or little interest in art pieces.

The Lourve is located at Place des Pyramid and they are open everyday of the week except for tuesday, from 9am to 6pm; and it costs EUR10 for an adult to a full day access to the manificent Lourve. My advice is to reach early, even before the Lourve opens to queue, ensuring that you can visit a less crowded Lourve. Once the crowd sweeps in, photo-taking will become a pain with people everywhere; ensure that you put on some comfortable walking shoes, the Lourve IS huge.


on the way to CHAMPS ELYSEES!

The Champs-Elysees
Paris’ most prestigious avenu; a gradiose display of the French power and prestige, the Champs Elysees is one of the most famous streets in Europe stretching nine kilometers from Place de la Concorde and the Obelisque up until the Arc de Triomphe. It was formally the epitome of glitz and glamour, many think that the broad avenue has lost its historical charm but today it is filled with tourist and many restaurants and shops can also be found here.

The Champs Elysees is home to many of the famous brand names like Chanel, Gucci, Loewe, Prada, Miumiu and the largest Louis Vuitton in the world. Apart from these, you can also find other smaller brands like H&M, Zara, Promod etc. SHopping madness! The H&M here is one of the best i have seen; because it’s gigantic. Be sure to grab whatever you want, when you return the next day, most of the sizes would have been snatched up.


Heres another photo of the EIffel from my apartment(:
and i’m taking forever.. to post up all the 5000+ photos from europe.


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