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This post is posted using my phone because they are photos from my iPhone, hence the quality may not be as good! Anyways, dre went for a haircut soon after we got back from Europe. He decided to try a new hair stylist who is more accessible, so we found this place in far east plaza, on level 5. I can’t remember the name of the place, but currently they are having a $15.90 promotion for cut, wash n style and they are located near the escalator section of fep; and they offer manicure services too! Great guy and skills; dre was extremely satisfied with his styling n I’m sure he will return there in the future!(:

After the Europe craze, I return to try some more new products, make up, hair etc and these are the ones I felt useful and deserves to be shared!


Essential damage and care moisturizer. I used it quite some time ago and I find it really good! I have also blogged about the hair mask some time ago; an they are both really nourishing for my dry and frizzy hair. (also featured in the July issue of Cleo)


Maybelline’s unstoppable and non smudge eyeliner. In the past, I used za’s pencil eyeliner before switching to M.A.C and now to this. I prefer to use the kind where I don’t have to sharpen and I dislike liquid eyeliner. Za’s one was pretty terrible – hard to draw, light colored n easily smudged. The MAC one was one of the best ($29.90); but I lost it in Rome): so I decided to try this maybelline’s eyeliner ($9.90) and it proves to be just as great, although it doesn’t stay on as long, it’s still a great eyeliner to own.


Also featured in Cleo is the Maybelline’s baby lips. I love the smell of the orange flavored ones and it’s pretty good in reducing the dryness and cracks of my lips.


Ever since I chopped off some of my hair the other time, I’ve been wanting to grow my hair faster; so I read up and researched on ways to grow it faster and some easier methods I tried was to use a shampoo with anti-dandruff uses as well as applying heat to your hair and prevent breakages to it. Amazingly, my hair is growing faster than the average rate of hair growth!




Top: cotton on, belt: love,bonito, skorts: H&M, necklace: Chanel, watch: Jowissa, bag: coach Madison

Going to see a doctor now): bye!


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