the ballerina edition

22nd May: It’s been months since  i went on a photowalk/shoot. So this time, I decided to try something different and since i always had a fascination for dance and ballet, along with the inspiration from the ballerina project; i’ve decided to try one myself! So i engaged Meiting to help me!

She was just way too amazing, the way she moved her body and how she tried new things like climbing all over the place so that i can get a nice picture. & to anddre for being our driver for the day and helping us carrying stuff around!

I truly enjoyed myself this entire shoot and i hope that Ting and Dre had found some form of joy as well. (currently there is some stupid alignment problem with wordpress as i’m blogging.) 

Places we shot at: Meiting’s house, scape youth park, orchard road, fort canning park, National Museum, outside timbre substation and most importantly, the PUNGGOL LALANG FIELD. It’s an AMAZING PLACE. 

How to get there!

It is at Tebing Lane.
– Take the purple line to Punggol Mrt station                                                                          – Take the LRT to Riveria LRT Stn.
– Look for the Popeye restaurant.
– Walk all the way in and past it then you will see a staircase which leads down to  the river.
– Turn left after you walk down the staircase.
– and walk all the way and TADAAAAAH!

IT’S GORGEOUS. There are many restaurants there as well, for those cracking their head of a nice place for dates, you can bring ur special someone there!(:

And i apologise for the messy blog post, firstly my com’s speed is driving me nuts and secondly, wordpress is giving abit of problems with the alignments and uploading of photos and i have PLENTY of europe trip photos to clear (FB and WP) so wait for it!

P.S. for anyone who may be interested to do a shoot with me (e.g. dance CV or personal portfolios, couple shots etc) you can drop me an email! and i can show you my other portfolios as well. (e.g. weddings, events etc)


One thought on “the ballerina edition

  1. Hey nice photos man!! May I know where number 10-20 photos are taken? the one where the ballerina stands on the escalator and where the background (windows/doors) are white. thank you!! (: Could you email me the places @ Thanks so much!!

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