I’ve been wanting to post up the recent photoshoot i had with meiting; but wordpress had been highly uncooperative the past few days and soon after my laptop landed itself in the hospital, so i couldnt actually finish blogging about it. But heres a sneak peek!(:

In less than 5 hours time, i’ll be on my way to Dubai for transition and in less than a day’s time, i’ll be in PARIS! I’m terribly excited, but am so gonna miss home and my family. Never been away for so long before. Pray for protection and that God will watch over my family while i’m far far away.

Headed out for another shoot with shaminah and her friend the other day; i gotta get use to shooting people and with models. Anyways, im looking for anyone who is interested in shooting with me, because i’m in the midst of building up a portfolio, so for those who are keen to have one too, u can contact me!

PARIS.FLORENCE.NICE.ROME.VENICE.ZURICH – see you guys in 17 days time!


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