24 months and counting(:

It’s been about 3 years since dre and i first got to know each other through the serve program; funny how we met, became friends, realise we are sort of neighbours and ended up where we are today. Truly thank God for blessing us with amazing friends and supportive families and of course the love we have for each other

We celebrated our second year last week, and similar to our first dre surprised me at my house downstairs, last year was with a blindfold and a bouquet of flowers, followed by a secretive picnic at keppel bay, where we first got together. This year was a surprise with KOI! He sure knows what i want! We decided to have a more quiet kind of thing this year, so we headed over to his place to cook, but before that, we took these photos with the board outside of potong pasir. I am very sad that mr chiam will no longer head pp and the mighty stronghold of potong pasir has collapsed after 27 years; maybe it’s for the better or worst, we will see.

Home cook food!(:

we were suppose to head over to dempsey hill for dinner, but couldnt find a suitable restaurant that we kidda like; and i was lazy to walk around in search for a dinner place, so we changed our mind and headed over to keppel bay for dinner at PRIVE restaurant!

I love this dress from love,bonito, it’s the COVET Auxerre Bustier; somehow i have a thing for embroidered stuff. & dre wore the zara shirt i got for him, of which i changed the buttons to black, just the way he wanted it.

one thing i love most about fine dining or these nice restuarants, is they never fail to have awesome bread!

but the best bread is at MORTON’S, best steak and bread in singapore (so far)

The starters:

I didnt catch the name of this dish because it was on the house, but it’s some grilled tomato stuff which was actually quite good.

Grilled watermelon stack: my friend thought it was sashimi or some meat dish, but NO it’s watermelon! ($15) Really intresting dish i must say, the watermelon was grilled to perfection and there was a layer of sauce inbetween the two slices of watermelon – YUM!

My main course – duck leg! ($28)

Dre’s main – Kurobuta pork ($52) & worth every cent of it!

After dinner, we headed to the prive bar for drinks and they gave us the perfect seat, one in full view of all the yatches

Andre’s gorgeous pair of shoes from madame H – all hand made shoes!



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