weekend getaway

Finally i’m back after an amazing holiday in KL over the weekend and my 2nd year anniversary with dre. (shall blog more about that another day)

KL treated us relatively well, except for some traumatizing situations, but overall, the food, hotel and shopping were GREAT! We set off on saturday morning at around 8ish in the morning after voting – POLLING DAY! We made s stop over at Simpang Renggam for this delicious Bak Ku Teh. Dre loves it; and i would say its definitely worth a stopover!

After another 2 hours plus journey, we are finally here! – ROYALE BINTANG HOTEL. Great room, with great view. (sorry for the lousy picture quality, cos they were all taken with my phone camera)

The hotel’s location is highly favourable due to its proximity to the shopping malls and eating places and the beautiful view it offers.

SHOPPING TIME! We headed to sungei wang mall on the first day and we shopped like CRAZY. All in all i bought 4 pairs of shoes and i think 6 dresses/tops along with 4 soft toys over the three days. now it’s photos time!

Although the two dishes above look similar, they are actually different things! One is the local hokkien noodle and the other is mee tai mak.

Here is the angry bird dre bought for me – ABSOLUTELY adorable and huggable. The small one is for my sister to put in her car, since my bro-in-law and her used to be crazy over the game.

Day two at Times Square! & lunch at kenny rogers.

Seriously alot of food was ordered for dinner but this stingray was the highlight of everything, delicious and HUGE.

Breakfast on day two and three were at the same place, a road side stall just opposite of the entrance to plaza Low Yat


The much loved prawn mee and duck noodles and ice coffee!

and dre and i actually brought the same shirt there without any pre-planning! ONCE A SAINT, ALWAYS A SAINT! (though he wasnt even one to begin with)

Day three, we headed to isetan for some random shopping and dre bought like crazy load of stuff from there, before we headed back to sungei wang to “clear” our money

and some new cute stuff – i’ve been looking for it for ages since i found this photo online!

and finally, i found them (: arent they adorable?

so the trip ended with lunch at A&W, awesome rootbeer, but terrible food.

Home sweet home(:goodnight world, shall share about an awesome dinner at prive soon(:


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