woe to you, mr exam

Finally exams are over! It  was such a huge relief for me. The past two weeks were terrible; every single day i was just repeating the motion of waking up, heading to gladys’ house with a couple of others, head down for lunch, back to studying and dreboy will fetch me home after a long night of mugging. TSK. How i wish university will not have exams that require so much memory work – maybe it’s just my dumb but amazing major.

Heres a whole lot of nonsense activities that took place in the course of this two weeks – IN THE MIDST OF EXAMS. My brain is officially drained and not functioning very well – my conclusion is to NEVER EVER have two exam on the same day; it kills.

A couple of weeks back, some of us headed over to powerhouse for a chill night (not exactly) – the original plan was to head to arena, but the guys preferred the free entry at power instead. Not a very pleasant experience because there were two girls and nearly ten guys. pffts. LOL

Anyways i discovered this new street hawker place outside where powerhouse is!(: The food is over price… BUT i love the ambience and the way it is presented. A nice reminiscience of the past and pretty cool i must say.

Anyways in the midst of some exam stress, and after the NEED to do something different to my already-so-boring look; i decided to try the LIESE’S BUBBLE HAIR DYE

I chose the cassis berry colour, which was suppose to be a mix of red and brown. I must say the result were quite pleasing to me and the process is really fun and not tiring at all! It only cost like $19.90 at watsons, definitely worth the buy!

Because my hair is naturally jet black, i kidda got the second result from the top, but the cool thing is, BECAUSE of my previous highlights, now i have different shades of red on my head(:

Heres a picture of my new hair colour under terrible lighting and with a terrible camera. sucks like crap, but the colour of my hair arent that BAD and unobvious!

OKAY i’m officially deprived of sleep. wanted to party somewhat today, but got lazy and freaking no mood to do anything, but sleep. AND I’M GOING TO KL TMR FOR A MASSIVE SHOPPING TRIP!


goodnight world


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