happenings amidst stress

It’s THURSDAY – Maundy thursday to be exact; & tmr it’s good friday, the day my Saviour gave His life in exchange for mine & a reminder that we love each other as the Lord has loved us.

It’s officially less than one week to my very first paper & i have yet to get started on that. Today is mugging at dre’s place & no matter where i study, i will be distracted by ANTM, Gossip Girl, Youtube, FB, Twitter, wordpress, chit-chatting about idk what & food.

My favourite lomo app of all time! There had been some bad reviews, but i enjoy using it alot&i think the photos turn out pretty cool! – LOMO LOMO

So yesterday dre and i were suppose to meet ian at nex, but we ended up at CHOMP CHOMP for dinner! (GREAT MOVE) It’s dre and my all-time-favourite supper destination & we always eat the same few things from the same few stall. (pardon the photo quality, cos i’ve been lazy to bring my camera around; hence resorting to the use of my iphone)

Ian here is hialrious! when i first signed up for twitter, i was wondering which of my friends do use twitter; i i remember telling dre that i’m very certain that ian is the kind of guy who uses twitter but unfortunately, due to his secret name, i couldnt find him there – but YESTERDAY, i found him(: HAHA. over 3000 tweets! how hardcore is that?

Here comes the awesome FOOD!

1. CARROT CAKE (the very first stall at the right side of chomps) – Both the black&white ones are equally nice (to me) but for those who dislike the sweet taste in your carrot cake, the white one is much better.

2. Chicken Wings! (this stall is along the same stretch as the carrot cake and i think it’s beside thefamous hokkien mee) – these wings are WAY better than the ones i had in ECP lagoon the day before yesterday & they are much cheaper at only $1 per wing+drumlet

3. HOKKIEN MEE – this is MUST TRY. one of the best i’ve ever had&usually the queue is quite long.

4. Rojak – we dont normally eat this cos usually there are only two of us, but it is not bad actually.

5. UDDERS!(: This is my third time patronising the udders at serangoon gardens, LOVE their Mao Shan Wang durian and waffles! The biggest jokes yesterday was, Ian wanted to order a double scoop of rum&raisin and Snickers but he ended up with double scoop of each flavour because the udders staff misinterpreted what he meant – in total we had 6 scoops if ice cream – epic fail.

Back to studying!


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