with love, mac boy

It’s officially day two of study week and exams are SO near! Been attempting to lock myself up at home/dre’s/gladys’ house to study, but many times filled with distractions like now i”m blogging. garhh

Yesterday was so sweet of my boyf who specially delivered macs to my house for me during dinner when i said i was craving for it(: It’s nice having your very own mac delivery boy!

Anyone knows where i can find these? gosh they are so freakking cute and i’ addicted to plants and zombie. BEST GAME EVER.

 Tweeet tweeet tweeeet
Muttons On the Move
muttonsMuttons On the Move
Can you feel it? It’s National Bieber Day.
haha. gosh i actualy secretly want to go for justin bieber’s concert and experience the insane screamings and madness that i’m sure will happen tonight at the indoor stadium. Preeti is heading there later after our study time, man, she’s gonna have a blast of her time!
heres a nice song i found lately, beautiful voices of russel flatts!
okay goodbye world, time to study

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