Here’s a confession from a shopaholic;
I really shop like crazy. I used to have to shop at least once a week in town, say far east, bugis etc
Now I shop ONLINE every single day. I believe there are many out there who are like me; shopping has evolved to become something so convenient and not to mention, addictive.

I feel the urge to just click some buttons and navigate to love, Bonito, hervelvetvast, sgflea, asos, supre etc to look for “good deals” and many a times, I end up buying on impulse; telling myself that I “may” need it in the future or “if I don’t get it now, it may be gone in a minute” and perhaps also the thrill of getting what I want and competing against an unknown number of “campers” waiting to buy love, Bonito’s new launch!

Well, I must say the biggest thrill for me shopping online is the excitement and surprise of coming home and see a package waiting for me to unwrap it and try it on.

To me going to school, is like entering a fashion battlefield! I enjoy dressing up and watching the way people around dress! It’s pretty awesome!(;

Check out my bursting wardrobe!
And these are not inclusive of shoots, skirts etc.
I need to stop!!


The last I counted I own about 128 items from love, Bonito. Haha and overall, I have more than 50 pairs of shoes.
It’s time to change!

No more addiction.


2 thoughts on “shopaholic

  1. hello!
    this is rather random but i was goggling about love bonito & was directed to your post. & this post is so cute! haha. just thought i should leave a msg πŸ™‚ btw i’m from NUS too! what course are you studying? oh & yr outfit posts are nice! πŸ™‚ are you a uk 8?

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